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What People Say About Antarctica

Having the opportunity to visit Antarctica on one of our voyages is a special and unique travel experience. As one of the most remote places in the world that you can visit, in the past it had proven to be an exclusive and expensive destination. Now that it is more...

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Landing Spotlight – Grytviken

GRYTVIKEN Grytviken is a legendary location on South Georgia island that was home to the largest whaling station in the early 20th century. It is located at the head of King Edward Cove within the larger Cumberland East Bay. Present-day Grytviken features the...

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6 Tips for Surviving the Drake Passage (With a Smile)

To make a trip to Antarctica – and the furthest reaches of the world – you must first experience the necessary rite of passage of crossing the Drake Passage. This is an essential component and traditional part of Antarctica travel, and it has rightly earned its...

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