• Book Flexible Air Tickets
    If you’re booking flights early, we strongly recommend choosing flexible ticket options where possible. While we do not anticipate any significant travel restrictions to be in place in November of 2021, changeable tickets give you greater peace of mind should anything unexpected happen before you travel. We recommend that you allow extra time in Buenos Aires between flights, in the event testing on arrival is mandated; and that you schedule a flight which arrives in Ushuaia or Trelew (for Puerto Madryn embarkation) no later than 3pm, to allow for any screening required on arrival there.
  • Get Vaccinated!
    In countries where it is available, we strongly recommend that you receive the prescribed number of doses of an approved COVID vaccine before travel. We understand that you may have questions regarding COVID vaccines. For the most up-to-date factual information, we recommend consulting your medical provider.  Additionally, both the CDC and WHO have extensive vaccine facts and resources.

    To minimize confusion in consideration of COVID issues, we also recommend that you receive an influenza vaccination (flu vaccine) before you leave.

  • Stay Informed
    Keep your eye on any government or airline recommendations or mandates that may impact your trip. We will do our best to inform booked guests of any Argentine or major airline mandates that will be in place at time of travel, but monitoring the status of travel in your own country is always recommended.
  • Self-Assess 2 Weeks Prior to Travel
    We recommend that you undertake a self assessment screening two weeks before your travels begin. We will provide you with a screening questionnaire as part of your final documents package.