Our Expedition Team

Following up on the work and planning done by the Home Team, Polar Latitudes Expedition Team of skilled and experienced polar veterans is dedicated to making sure that every passenger has a safe, memorable, and fun voyage.

  • Brandon Harvey, Expedition Leader

    For more than a decade Brandon has been demonstrating his proficiency in developing the impeccable safety-standards, exceptional guest experiences and engaging education programming that have been the focus of his career.

  • Hayley Shephard, Expedition Leader

    Currently on the shortlist for the World Guide Awards, Hayley has spent 13 years adventuring in Antarctica, and still feels privileged to walk amongst the penguins, float on a sea of bergy bits, or await the surface of a Humpback while surrounded by glaciers, icebergs and rugged mountain peaks.  

  • Hannah Lawson, Expedition Leader

    Hannah has a particular love of birdlife and marine mammals and has been sharing her thrill for the natural world working aboard Expedition Ships in remote regions since 1999. 

  • Pablo Brandeman, Assistant Expedition Leader

    Pablo loves nature, and after 17 years working on Antarctic Expeditions one of his biggest pleasures is to interpret what he sees and share it with guests.

  • Heather Thorkleson, Passenger Service Manager

    A certified life coach, general naturalist, and people-person through and through, Heather is committed to ensuring that passengers aboard our ships enjoy an exceptional voyage.  

  • Mariela Cornejo, Passenger Service Manager

    Mariela loves to share her passion for landscapes, wildlife, and everything Antarctica has to offer.

  • Seb Coulthard, Antarctic Historian

    Seb regularly lectures on Shackleton history, British Royal Navy actions and extreme survival stories. When Polar Latitudes asked Seb to join the team he jumped at the opportunity to share his polar history knowledge with those prepared to travel to the ends of the Earth – literally!

  • Annette Bombosch, PhD, Marine Mammals

    One of Annette’s favorite occupations is spotting and photographing whales, together with the enthusiastic Polar Latitudes’ team.  You will see her most excited when humpbacks are nearby!

  • Bob Gilmore, Citizen Science Coordinator

    Ever since he could crawl, Bob has been drawn to the natural world.  His passion for nature has led him to develop an evolving Citizen Science program, allowing guests on board to help scientists around the world learn how climate change is affecting the Antarctic Continent.

  • Marty Garwood, Ornithologist

    First visiting Antarctica at twenty-three years old, Marty has been back as much as possible educating visitors about the incredible seabirds that survive so far south.

  • Adam Rheborg, Ornithologist

    Adam is a worldwide explorer who has spent the past two decades working as expedition leader, guide, scuba instructor, photographer and lecturer in the remote Polar Regions and around the globe.

  • Jim Gardner, Geologist

    For Jim, the best part of being on the Expedition Team, apart from being engaged with one of the Earth’s most dynamic and spectacular environments, is the continual interaction with the knowledgeable, well-informed and interested passengers, crew and fellow Team members.

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