Reviews Left by Hand on Our Ship

Ami Vitale

I am absolutely thrilled to embark on the upcoming photo expedition to the mesmerizing landscapes of the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica, with the exceptional team of Polar Latitudes. The prospect of capturing the raw beauty and pristine wilderness of these remote regions fills me with a sense of awe and anticipation.

This journey is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the untouched wonders of the Southern Hemisphere and I know it will be an opportunity to connect this group of adventurous travelers to the delicate balance of nature.

- Ami Vitale

Love for their job

Everyone of the expedition team has a love for their job and an excitement for sharing this special part of the world with others. Their love and enthusiasm is contagious.

Bonita J.
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2017

Felt Like Family

This has been such a wonderful trip – far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the expedition staff for their hard work, we loved to know them on a personal note – having meals with most of them. We came on board as strangers and leave as a family.

Peter J.
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2017

Like close relatives…

The whole expedition team took as much care and made much effort to make our experience exciting, informative and fun. As if we were close relatives visiting their home for the first time, our sincere thanks to them all.

E. Partington
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2019

Enjoyable Cruise

One of our most enjoyable cruises – the staff were exceptional, the friendliest, most helpful they could possibly be! The expedition team was outstanding. A memorable experience we would share with friends.

Rita & Marvin H.
Peninsula, 2018

Excellent and Inspiring Team

The team were excellent, they were welcoming, knowledgeable and made this trip to remember. Truly inspiring people. From the time we boarded the ship, it was obvious that the attention to detail was given to all passengers on board.

Peninsula, 2018

Best Adventure Experience in the Industry

PL offers the best adventure experience in the industry. I have now met 25 members of your expedition team and one might think they were all birthed by the same polar parents. They are universally engaging, entertaining, and unfailingly committed to ensuring their passengers have the best possible experience.

Linda C.
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2019

Best Product in Polar Travel

This is the best product in polar travel. It is the perfect balance of luxury and expedition – there’s nothing that comes close to it.

Sarah G.
Peninsula, 2018

Luxurious and Comfortable

I had no idea how luxurious and comfortable this trip would be. Incredible service and food. Expedition Staff taught us so much, making the trip memorable. It’s clear that they are genuinely excited about the adventure.

Rich R.
Peninsula, 2018

Glowing Reports

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been getting nothing but GLOWING reports on the voyage from all 11 of our clients. Thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job.

Urs H.

Real Science with Real Scientists

An extraordinary, indelible Antarctic experience featuring compelling and engaging ‘real’ science and ‘real’ scientists. Stimulating to all the senses and the intellect.

Mike Coffin
The Whale Science Voyage, 2019

I’ll never be the same

I crossed the Antarctic Circle, and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. The ship, the staff, the expedition crew, and the ADVENTURE were all absolutely top-notch. I will absolutely be cruising with Polar Latitudes again!

Laura B.
Crossing the Antarctic Circle, 2018

Bucket List Dream Fulfilled

Visiting Antarctica with WHOI and Polar Latitudes was a bucket list dream fulfilled. The magic of kayaking among Gentoo penguins, humpback whales and blue and white icebergs dotting the crystal clear water, with new friends, exceeded our expectations.

Ed & Chris Johnston
The Whale Science Voyage, 2019

Remarkable and Mind-blowing

The trip was exceptional. We always felt we were guided perfectly and enjoyed our every moment in the zodiacs, in a kayak, on land, and observing the WHOI science team from the ship. I really do believe that there are not enough superlatives to describe our joy at having been able to partake in a trip such as this and kudos to Polar Latitudes for providing a truly special experience.

K. Schmidt
Whale Science Voyage, 2019

All Together Wondrous

It is something all together wondrous to go to Antarctica in the first place. However, with the added opportunity of watching a team of Woods Hole cetologists carrying out whale research from our ship, it became truly a once in a lifetime experience! Those scientists and the work they were carrying out from our ship added immeasurably to our education, enjoyment, and excitement!

Tooey Rogers
The Whale Science Voyage, 2019

Great Science, Great Adventure

Great science, great adventure, spectacular scenery and wildlife, and plenty of time for self-reflection and journaling. I’d do it again except for the fact that I don’t think my experience could ever be topped.

Carla Curran
The Whale Science Voyage, 2019

Exceeded My Hopes

I had long dreamed of seeing the 7th continent and to do so with the Woods Hole scientists exceeded my hopes. My wife and I rank this as one of our best trips and everything Polar Latitudes did made it so.

John Scully
The Whale Science Voyage, 2019

Everything was first rate

Everything was first rate – Hebridean Sky, Expedition Team, ship staff and crew, dining room and lectures. A wonderful trip, crossing the Antarctic Circle, multiple landing sites and zodiac tours, cooperative weather, great passengers and so much more.

Terri S.
Crossing the Antarctic Circle, 2018

The Best Trip I’ve Ever Been On

The things that we saw and experienced on the peninsula will never leave me. This was, hands-down, the best trip I’ve ever been on. I feel moved, inspired, fascinated, awed and incredibly, deeply privileged.

Sarah G.
Peninsula, 2018

Best I’ve Ever Seen

The Expedition Crew was the best I’ve ever seen. Smart, intelligent, personable, fun people with a passion for their work and it shows through making our experience spectacular.

Sharon F.
Peninsula, 2018

Outstanding in Every Way

We found the Expedition Team to be outstanding in every way. Friendly, knowledgeable, safety cautious, entertaining. An all around excellent team.

Wendy B.
Peninsula, 2016

Loved Every Minute

It was amazing. We loved every minute. Amazing team of energetic professionals!

Peter C.
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2017

Fantastic Job

We found the entire expedition team to be knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They did a fantastic job and I will recommend Polar Latitudes to anyone I know who is interested in traveling to Antarctica.

Peninsula, 2015

All the Right Decisions

The ship crew and expedition team made all the right decisions to maximize our experience while keeping us safe. They built credibility and trust rapidly.

Neil M.
Peninsula, 2015

Truly Wonderful Trip

This was truly a wonderful trip because of the amazing staff. From the moment I stepped on the ship we were so well taken care of. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Nalini N.
Peninsula, 2015

Top Notch Voyage

Top notch voyage. I will highly recommend this company to others.

Mary G.
Peninsula, 2015

Excellent Voyage

Excellent voyage, excellent staff, knowledgeable presentations. I learned a lot and the voyage exceeded my expectations.

Margaret D.
Peninsula, 2016

Loved the Expedition Team

We loved the enthusiasm and excitement of the [Expedition] team. They truly love what they are doing and work really well together as a team. It was a great adventure for us.

Lorraine D.
Peninsula, 2015

Perfect, Magical Experience

This was a perfect, magical experience. All aspects were perfect.

Joy H.
Peninsula, 2018

Beyond my Imagination

This trip was one of the best trips I have taken. Staff was fabulous, fun, knowledgeable.  We were kept busy with some unique presentations and activities. The zodiac trips were outstanding. The beauty of Antarctica was breathtaking and this voyage was beyond my imagination. Thanks to one and all for the trip of a lifetime.

Helen F.
Peninsula, 2015

Top Notch

It couldn’t have been more perfect. Everything was “top notch.”

Francene C.
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2017

Exceptional Staff

Absolutely exceptional staff at every level. Hayley was the most fantastic tour leader- enthusiastic, terrific communicator and professional in every avenue. Every member of the Expedition staff also contributed to our wonderful experience.

Denise G.
Peninsula, 2016

Exceeded Expectations

Everything exceeded my expectations. All staff and crew were friendly, lovely. They made this trip very personal.

Cyndy M.
Peninsula, 2015

Knowledgable Crew

The crew instilled a genuine sense of enthusiasm & passion right from the beginning and I was really impressed by the breadth of knowledge they shared among them. It was great to connect more personally with them over dinner and drinks. Thank you for an incredible experience. I will remember this forever.

Ciara O.
Peninsula, 2015

Outstanding Team

The whole team was outstanding and Hayley is a magnificent leader who inspires everyone to get in & enjoy. Absolutely fantastic!!!

Cathie M.
Peninsula, 2016

Expedition Team was Great

The expedition staff were amazing.  It’s hard not to mention every single one of them because they all had vast knowledge of their area of expertise. They were all great.

Cassandra M.
Peninsula, 2015

Small Ship Experience

This has been our 1st smaller ship/expedition experience and we loved every minute. It was so special to sit down with the crew members at mealtime and get to know them, even the Captain mingled with passengers (and washed boots), this is something we have never seen on the big ship cruises.

Bonita J.
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica, 2017

Amazing Staff

The staff were amazing. The combination of knowledge, friendliness, competence was quite remarkable. Support staff were 100% great

Betsy E.
Peninsula, 2015

Best Trip Possible

Loved the flexibility of this voyage and the eagerness of all on board to ensure I had the best trip possible!

Annette B.
Peninsula, 2016

Wonderful Kayaking Experience

They kayak guides provided a wonderful, safe and informative kayaking experience. Their soothing confidence helped me really relax and enjoy the ride.

Anna F.

Amazing Expedition Staff

The expedition staff was AMAZING. They were so kind and had answers to every question. I cannot say enough about all staff.

Amber W.
Peninsula, 2015

Trip was Flawless

The trip was flawless – absolutely no glitches with hotels or ship operations.  Excellent food. Very friendly and helpful staff, both expedition team and ship staff.  We were astonished at the quality and diversity of backgrounds of the expedition team.

Marc R.
Peninsula, 2017

Great Adventure

There are not enough good things to say about the ship, the expedition team, the crew, the safety, the comfort, and mostly the great adventure that unfolded for us thanks to all of their efforts.

Tricia C.
Peninsula, 2018

Trip of a Lifetime

The expedition team were amazing and made the cruise for us, This together with the fantastic scenery and wildlife makes this a unique destination. Try following in Shackleton and our footsteps and do the trip of a lifetime with Polar Latitudes

Daren B.
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica, 2018

Adventure Tourism at its Very Best

Spectacular scenery and service, this is the expedition of a lifetime. Thank you to the staff and crew for making it so incredible. Adventure tourism at its very best.

Dawn C.
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica, 2017

Bucket List Trip

Fun and super-nice passengers, impressive and nimble expedition staff, flawless hotel & catering crew… Polar Latitudes exceeded my high expectations on this bucket-list trip!

Vanessa A.
Peninsula, 2016

10 out of 10

To sum it all up…it was the best trip we have ever taken!! It was a 10 out of 10!!!

Lisa F.
Peninsula, 2016

Kayaking was Magical

The kayaking experience was magical. Being eye level with the whales and ice was truly breathtaking.

Lisa F.

Highly Recommend

Just finished a most memorable and epic holiday on the Hebridean Sky! Wonderful expedition crew led by Hayley Shephard, gorgeous weather, every landing achieved and wildlife in abundance. Highly recommend this company, ship, and itinerary.

Juliet L.
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica, 2017

Best Possible Experience

There really aren’t enough superlatives to describe our recent voyage. We were blessed with excellent weather and the expedition team ably led by Hayley were efficient and enthusiastic, ensuring we all had the best possible experience.

Chris H.
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica, 2017

Smaller Ship Size

An outstanding expedition.  …We chose Polar Latitudes because we liked the smaller ship size and adventure options.

Chris C.
Peninsula, 2014

Experience of a Lifetime

It was truly the experience of a lifetime. Thank you to every single member of the Expedition Team, each one of which was a superb representative of Polar Latitudes.

Brian and Philippa G.
FSG 2014

5-Star Experience

Hebridean Sky is a 5-star experience all the way. The boat was outstanding, as was the friendly and helpful crew. It felt like somebody was there with anything I could have needed; they were at least 2 steps ahead of me at all times

Peninsula, 2017

Best Cruise Ever

I’ve been on about six big ship cruises and two river cruises, so when I say this was the BCE (Best Cruise Ever) it’s the highest compliment I can manage.

David M.
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica, 2016

Simply Out of This World

This experience equals and exceeds any of our prior expedition voyages. The ship was beautiful, the hotel staff were wonderful and attentive, the crew kept us safe even in some rough seas, and the expedition staff was simply out of this world.

Frank & Karen W.
Peninsula, 2016

Expectations Exceeded in Every Way

My wife, 12 year old daughter, and I were somewhat nervous embarking to one of the farthest reaches on the planet. Not for long. Our expectations were exceeded in every way by the Polar Latitudes staff, crew of the boat, and WHOI scientists, as well as a fantastic group of fellow passengers.

Tony Swensrud
The Whale Science Voyage, 2019

Great Life Stories

I really enjoyed the meals shared with the staff members. They were all very knowledgeable with great life stories.

Wallis B.
Peninsula, 2015

Valuable Observations

Thank you for helping us get these valuable [atmospheric] observations and sharing our passion for clouds!

Tina Rogerson

Deeply Grateful

I am deeply grateful for the wonderful partnership [with Polar Latitudes] engaging visitors in this environment, fulfilling scientific data gaps in current climate research, and inspiring a new community of Antarctic Ambassadors!

Allison Lee
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Commitment to Citizen Science

We are so impressed with the commitment Polar Latitudes shows by investing in Citizen Science to make Antarctica a better place! For whale science in Antarctica, getting photos and data from Polar Latitudes voyages is a great resource, and we know participants love it too.

Ted Cheeseman