Explore With Us the Last Great Wilderness

There’s a reason Antarctica is the only place we travel to. Whether your time is limited or your calendar is wide open, we offer a range of dates and itineraries that will ignite your inner explorer with plenty of help from breathtaking landscapes, incomparable wildlife and the spirited history of this incredible continent.

Prepare to be changed forever.

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Celebrating Antarctica

13 DAYS (10 nights on board) / Departures in Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb

A true celebration of everything Antarctica has to offer, from wildlife encounters to stunning landscapes.

Antarctica All-Access

13 DAYS (10 nights on board) / Departures in Nov & Dec 2024

Antarctica in all her glory, with access to every activity and adventure we offer at no additional charge.

Falklands, S Georgia & Antarctica

21 DAYS (18 nights on board) / Departures in Dec and Jan

Explore the “Serengeti of the Southern Ocean” and see wildlife beyond your imagination.

Adventures In Antarctica

12 DAYS (9 nights on board) / Departures in Nov, Dec, and Feb

Adventure through the glacial landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula, with sweeping views and wildlife encounters.

Christmas in Antarctica

13 DAYS (10 nights on board) / Departures in Dec

Spend the holiday season with penguins as you explore the magic and wonder of Antarctica.

Crossing the Circle

15 DAYS (12 nights on board) / Departures in Jan and Feb

Chart a course for 66°33’S, encountering increased sea ice and awe-inspiring scenery along the way.

Falklands, S Georgia & Antarctica via Puerto Madryn

22 DAYS (19 nights on board) / Final Departure Nov 2-23, 2023

Beautiful Puerto Madryn is the starting point for this journey to the “Serengeti of the Southern Ocean.”

South Atlantic Island Explorer

34 DAYS (33 nights on board) / Departure Mar 14-Apr 16, 2024

A unique expedition from the world’s southernmost city to the Cape Verde islands in Africa.