“Antarctica Can’t Become a Theme Park”

Martin Brooks talks to Founder and President of Polar Latitudes, John McKeon, about the importance of responsible tourism.


Exploring Antarctica as Citizen Scientist with Polar Latitudes

Plenty of companies offer expedition style cruises to Antarctica. Not all of them offer guests a chance to become Citizen Scientists.


Citizen Science Allows Amateurs to Contribute to Groundbreaking Investigations, Even Without Traveling

Tanya Ward Goodman shares her experience as a Citizen Scientist on the Hebridean Sky with Polar Latitudes.

Polar Latitudes Introduces New Ship for 2021-22 Season

[Polar Latitudes’] new ship, MS Seaventure, will offer a host of new amenities and services, which includes a Super 1-A ice class rating, the highest ice class awarded to passenger vessels.


Hayley Shephard Wins Silver in World Guide Awards

In 2017, Wanderlust Magazine awarded Polar Latitudes’ VP of Expedition Operations Hayley Shephard the silver medal in their annual World Guide Awards.