Our Core Beliefs

The Five Things We Believe

Putting zodiacs, icebergs, and penguins aside for a moment, these are the things that we hold near and dear. You might call them the intangibles – the things that provide the motivation for everything we do, and will help shape your experience, should you journey to Antarctica with us.

1. We Are All Explorers

We believe there’s an explorer’s spirit in each of us. So, we make it our job to feed that spirit, to give every passenger a taste of what it must have felt like to discover Antarctica for the very first time.

Photo credit: John Huet

2. We Are Here for Antarctica

We believe that you come to Antarctica for one reason: to fully engage with this incredible landscape, its wildlife, and its history. So, our emphasis is on getting you off the ship and fully immersed in this magical, ever-changing environment.

3. We Are Both Serious and Fun

We believe traveling to Antarctica should be awe-inspiring, but also a fair amount of fun. So, while we’re very serious about what we do, you can expect to have a few laughs along the way.

4. We’re In This Together

We believe that onboard and off, we are all united, crew and passengers alike, in this rare and privileged experience. You’ll get to know us by name; and by journey’s end, you’ll feel like part of the Polar Latitudes family.

5. We Keep Things Personal

We believe that a personalized experience will always result in a better experience. Toward that end, we operate a small but mighty ship, with no more than 138 passengers onboard. No dinner shifts. No waiting for zodiacs. Available when you need us.

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