Booking Guide

Everything You Need to Know to Choose Your Perfect Voyage

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right voyage, from itinerary, to dates, to accommodation class, to adventure activities – and it can be hard to know where to start!

Our handy booking guide will walk you through the decisions you need to make. Choose a topic to get started! Links to more information in the sections below will open in a new tab.

If you have questions at any point, or you’re ready to book, please contact our Sales team via chatemail, or by scheduling a phone call to have someone get back to you at a convenient time.

When Should You Go to Antarctica?

The number one question we get asked is, “When is the best time to go to Antarctica?”

The truth? It’s always the best time! Sure, there are subtle differences between the Antarctic spring, summer, and fall; and if you have a choice, you can hone in on what’s most important to you. Visit our When to Travel page for more details.

But if you have a set time that you can go, and you’re worried that it’s not during “peak” season, rest assured that Antarctica is an incredible experience any time!  It’s no coincidence that 98% of our guests say they would recommend their voyage to others – regardless of when they traveled.

Pro tip: Prices tend to be higher between mid-December and mid-February because that’s when most people can travel, not necessarily because it’s a “better” time to go. Oct-Nov and Feb-Mar are spectacular for their own reasons – the beginning of the season is when the landscape is at it’s most pristine and ice formations are at their largest, while the end of the season is when whale sightings are at their peak.

All About Pricing

We know it can be confusing sometimes to look at Antarctica trip prices and get a clear idea of what you’ll pay for your voyage. Here are some important things to understand as you start to plan your journey.

Prices are always shown on a per-person basis. When you’re looking at the price of a stateroom or suite, you need to multiply that by the number of people in your party. If you’re traveling alone, we will pair you with another single traveler of the same gender who booked your same cabin class. (You will also share your included hotel nights with them.) If you do not want to share, you may request to remain a single, and we will charge you the per-person cabin rate times 1.7.

All voyage prices include the following:

  • A stay at the Arakur Hotel plus Transfer and Breakfast
  • All Excursions (Landings) in Antarctica, the Falklands, or S. Georgia
  • All Food and Soft Drinks on board
  • Custom designed Expedition Jacket, yours to keep

See our full list of voyage inclusions

Payment Terms*

  • Deposit due within 7 days – 20% per person
  • Final Payment due 120 days prior to departure
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • Payment Plans available – contact Sales

Early Booking Discount

Early Booking Discounts and other promotional pricing can be found on our Rates and Dates page.

*Does not apply to group bookings, exclusive voyages, or charter sales.

Choosing an Itinerary

No matter which voyage you choose, two things are guaranteed. You will visit the Antarctic Peninsula, and you will see penguins. Some itineraries will give you additional destinations, like the Falklands and S. Georgia, or the Antarctic Circle, which is further South than our standard itineraries go. Check out some of our recommended books about Antarctica for more information on the destinations themselves.

Most trip dates start on the date you should arrive at the hotel, and end on the date you walk off the ship.* The number of days includes the day you disembark (which happens in the morning.) Usually the final day of the itinerary is the day you will fly home. Plan for at least 1-2 days of travel on either side of your arrival and departure dates.

All International flights land in Buenos Aires. You will continue from there on a separate domestic flight to Ushuaia or Puerto Madryn.

Individual itineraries will show you the day-by-day details, but generally speaking, it takes 2-3 days to travel between port and the Peninsula, which means on a 12-day itinerary, you spend approximately 5-6 days exploring Antarctica.

Pro tip: Choose the longest itinerary that you can afford from a time and money perspective. By far the most frequent comment we receive from returning guests is, “I wish I had more time.” You will never regret adding that extra day if you can manage it.

Christmas In Antarctica Route Map

Staterooms & Suites

All of our staterooms and suites can acommodate two guests, with a limited number available for parties of three. Groups of four or more will need to be booked into multiple cabins. Groups of 6 or more may be eligible for a group discount.

Here’s everything you need to know at-a-glance to choose the stateroom or suite that’s right for your party. Click the cabin type to see a representative drawing.


The only staterooms that can accommodate three people. Standard Triples are configured with 3 twin beds or one queen and one twin.


Located on the lowest passenger deck of the ship, Portholes are best for those with seasickness. They are less ideal for outdoor views.
The portholes do not open.


Located on Decks 4 and 5, Windows are good for outdoor views. This is the most prevalent cabin class, giving you the most choice of location.
The windows do not open.


Verandas have private balconies. They generally sell out before any other cabins.

Owner’s Suite

Owner’s Suites are our largest cabins with large private balconies.


Polar Latitudes MS Seaventure Deck Plan

Click deck plan to see in bigger detail

Camping, Kayaking, and More

Every itinerary has available activities that you may want to consider when you book. Some activities are extremely popular and sell out quickly, and those you will want to book at time of deposit. Discover the difference between a cruise and an immersive Antarctic voyage.

Camping – $295

Get a taste of what it must have been like for the earliest Antarctic explorers (albeit with better gear!) Sleep under the stars in a bivvy sack.  Don’t worry – you’ll be plenty warm in your insulated sleeping bag!

Camping is only available on Antarctica itineraries 13 days or longer. Camping is not available on Falklands, S. Georgia itineraries. Weather permitting, we camp once per voyage.

Camping sells out quickly. Be sure to sign up at time of deposit.

Kayaking – We offer two distinct kayaking experiences:

Immersive Kayaking – $895: This program is designed for those more experienced guests who want to kayak as much as possible during their voyage. Immersive Kayaking is limited to 10 participants, with a dedicated kayak guide and safety Zodiac. Immersive paddlers will have the opportunity to kayak during most excursions and landings, weather and conditions permitting.

Discover Kayaking – $250: This program is designed for those guests who just want a taste of the Antarctic kayaking experience. Each participant kayaks once per voyage in a group of 14 with a dedicated guide team and safety Zodiac. Total number of available kayaking spots on each departure will vary by itinerary length and weather, but we aim to get groups on the water at every opportunity

Kayaking is available on all voyages. We kayak daily while in Antarctica (weather permitting!)

Kayaking sells out quickly. Be sure to sign up at time of deposit.

Citizen Science – Included

All guests have the opportunity to help us collect data for ongoing real-world scientific research projects. There are a number of projects you can take part in, so be sure to check out the sign-up sheets when you board the ship.

You do not need to sign up in advance to participate in our Citizen Science program.

Photography – Included

On every voyage, a dedicated photography coach will be at your disposal with invaluable tips and advice on how to capture the natural beauty of this unique landscape

You do not need to sign up in advance to participate in our Photography program.