Explorer’s Circle Guest Loyalty Program

A special offer from our President and CEO, John McKeon

You may be surprised to learn this, but I join the Expedition Team to work on board our ships once or twice a year. I do this because understanding our experience and our passengers is one of the most important things anyone in my position can do. And yes, it’s a lot of fun as well!

On every voyage guests tell me how much they love exploring Antarctica with us, which often leads to the subject of a future discount. Typically, they’ll suggest (tongue-in-cheek) 50% off for returning passengers. I often reply (equally tongue-in-cheek), “Take off the zero and you’re getting close.” However, that number – 50% – has stuck with me.

As a result, I’m excited to launch our new Explorers Circle program for returning guests. It’s another way of showing our loyal travelers just how much we appreciate your business. Without all of you we would never have had the success we’ve had over the last decade. If you’ve traveled with us in the past, you have been automatically enrolled at the appropriate tier (see details below). For all those repeat travelers, we are truly grateful, and we look forward to having you and your companions back on board. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to join you.

Come explore with us…again!

John McKeon, Founder and President/CEO

Explorer’s Circle Program Details

Tier One- Scott

Automatically enrolled after first voyage

Receive 10% discount on future voyages*
Bring a companion for 50% off

Tier Two – Amundsen

Automatically enrolled after second voyage

Receive 15% discount on future voyages*
Bring a companion for 75% off

Tier Three – Shackleton

Automatically enrolled after third voyage

Receive 25% discount on future voyages*
Bring a companion for FREE

All Levels receive exclusive offers and on-board perks,
along with complimentary cabin upgrades when available.

*Returning guest discount may be combined with other offers. Companion fare may not.

Ready to join us again, or for the first time?