Antarctica for Beginners

If you’re just beginning to explore the possibility of visiting Antarctica, we’ve created the pages linked below to help you on your journey.

Antarctica’s Seasons will assist you in deciding when you want to go. Antarctica Books will give you insights into the continent’s history, wildlife and more. What to Pack will relieve you of worries about how much bundling to bring, and Life On Board Our Ship will give you an idea of the creature comforts available on an Expedition ship.

All of the links below open in their own tab, so you can navigate freely.

Antarctica’s Seasons

Expedition Ships begin visiting Antarctica in late October and continue through late February or early March.

Life On Board our Ship

There’s no ‘typical day” in Antarctica (that’s what we love about it!), but here’s a little taste of what you might experience.

Books about Antarctica

Our crack Expedition Team’s favorite books on all things Antarctica. History, stories, guidebooks, animals, birds and more.

What to Pack

The best clothing is a layered system with an outer layer that is waterproof. The air between the layers provides additional insulation.