Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?  Citizen Science is a way to harness the power of thousands of travelers around the world to observe, record, and report on natural phenomena.  This is particularly helpful in remote and difficult destinations, like the Antarctic, where it is challenging to support year-round academic observation teams.

Guests on all Polar Latitudes voyages are invited to participate in a variety of activities that support important research projects in five major disciplines: Oceanography, Glaciology, Ornithology, Marine Biology, and Meteorology.  The data we collect contributes to a better understanding of climate change and how it's affecting the Antarctic Continent.

Sampling phytoplankton in Cierva Cove



Projects vary by departure, and the available research for your voyage will be clearly communicated by the Citizen Science Coordinator.

Past Research Projects have included:

  • Taking phytoplankton samples for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography
    Mapping the health of the Antarctic Biosphere.
  • Surveying penguin populations for Dr Heather Lynch at Stony Brook University
    Click here to see an NBC News report with Dr Lynch about this project
    Click here to read an article on how this project impacts all Antarctic stakeholders
  • Mapping cloud patterns for NASA's Globe Observer
    Tracking changes in clouds in support of climate research.
  • Analyzing ice shelves and glaciers for Durham University
    Tracking changes in ice in support of climate research.
  • Collecting water samples for the Global Microplastics Initiative
    Click here for the results of this collaborative project from last season!
  • Photographing and identifying whales using Happywhale
    Tracking the migratory and feeding patterns of whales worldwide. Follow our whales here!

Join us this season as we continue to collect data for ongoing research projects and do our part to help with greater scientific understanding of the Antarctic region.


There’s important work being done every day, at some of the most renowned climate research facilities around the world, to record and study the incredible changes happening in remote places like Antarctica. As you might imagine, gathering critical on-site data on a regular basis would be a virtually impossible task for these groups. So we do it for them, in partnership with research facilities like NASA and the Scripps Institute. If you’d like to get a first-hand look at how climate change is impacting our birds, sea life, glaciers, oceans, and weather patterns, and help scientists better understand our evolving planet, you’re welcome to join our Citizen Science program. And don’t let the word “science” scare you. We make it informative, interactive, and fun.

We begin our program as soon as we are in the Southern Ocean and continue throughout the voyage. There will be multiple chances to join in on several different unique projects while on board. As always in Antarctica, the best laid plans can change with the weather, but our Citizen Science coordinator will keep you posted on available activities.



Citizen Science AntarcticaStudying the population dynamics of Adelie vs Gentoo penguins for Dr Heather Lynch




Citizen Science is a complimentary activity available to all guests on all voyages

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