Oceanites, a non-profit scientific and educational foundation, is dedicated to the conservation of our world’s oceans, islands, and wildlife. Their mission involves monitoring penguin populations in Antarctica and Sub-Antarctic regions, conducting the only project monitoring the entirety of the Antarctic Peninsula and assisting in the long-term protection of this fragile ecosystem.

We are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with Oceanites for a critical partnership in Scientific Penguin Population Monitoring. Oceanites Scientists and Representatives will be joining our Citizen Science program throughout our 23/24 season as we embark on expeditions to the Southern Ocean to assist in their oceanographic research, specifically in counting penguins.

Counting penguins in Antarctica

Counting penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula

The Oceanites team will accompany us as we venture south to the Antarctic Circle, collecting vital data essential for internationally recognized research institutions. This scientific data is subsequently shared on a global scale, benefiting governments, universities, the scientific community, and even the tourism and krill-fishing industries. Over the past three decades, Oceanites has made comprehensive penguin population data from the Antarctic continent accessible to all, contributing significantly to our understanding of this region.

This research is instrumental in tracking oceanic changes and their impact on these flightless birds. Monitoring keystone species like penguins is pivotal in assessing the health of ecosystems, especially in the Antarctic.

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Gentoo penguins

Monitoring penguin colonies in Antarctica with Oceanities

Do you want to travel with Oceanites scientists to Antarctica?

There is still limited space on certain departures you can join. Contact your preferred travel professional or reach out to us here.