The staff that make up the Polar Latitudes expedition and home teams are much more than a team – we are a tight-knit family. Most of us voyage together year after year, sharing a deep love for Antarctica. We take immense pleasure in making sure your trip is one you’ll never forget, and are proud of how highly experienced and synced to our guests’ needs each staff member is.

Here’s a chance to get to know some of the members of our amazing team a little bit better.

Filomena Borba

Filomena Borba

Name and Job: Filomena, Sales & Client Services Specialist

From: Boston, MA

How did you first get interested in Antarctica? When I first started working in the Latin American travel industry. I worked for a small boutique travel company that specialized in South America. Much of the business came from repeat guests and many of them eventually made it to Antarctica on their lists. It was a peripheral introduction, but I was always curious and on a personal level, Antarctica has also been in the back of my mind. I love going to places that are not the norm.

Have you been to Antarctica? YES! I was so fortunate to join Polar Latitudes Crossing the Circle voyage in Feb 2020 on the Island Sky. I was able to check off the 7th continent off my list.

What’s your favourite thing about Antarctica? Tough to choose one thing… But I was especially mesmerized with the peace and tranquility there. You really feel like you have this remote wild destination all to yourself. You can think clearly and breathe deeply. I always tell our guests that I know it sounds corny, but it really is a magical place.

Tell us about your job! With my other colleague, we manage all aspects of the guest bookings within our reservations system, handling the daily pre-booking and booking activities. Sometimes I have to put on an accounting hat. I communicate with Sales and Passenger Service Departments. My favorite part is making note of special occasions and assisting with celebrations while guests are on board. I love client services!

I contact agents and guests for outstanding payments, documents, and I also create and distribute the Final Travel Documents prior to each voyage. I answer inquiries by phone/email/Live Chat and questions regarding the voyage and what to expect from partners/agents and guests.

And in the world of client services – I handle anything and everything else that comes up! Sometimes I am digging for a photograph taken on a trip months prior or trying to get two roomies connected. One thing that is a guarantee about my job –there is never a dull moment and no 2 days are alike.

What do you love about your job at PL?  My favorite thing hands down is talking to our guests on the phone. It’s a thrill to hear the excitement and nervous energy about their upcoming adventure. I love it when guests share their personal stories about how they came to choose Antarctica, how it’s their trip of a lifetime, one of their bucket list destinations. It never gets old!

What do you do to explore? I love to read and watch programs about travel. I’m always snooping on travel magazines, watching YouTube, and reading reviews. Especially hotel reviews! I have had a few opportunities to stay with locals in my travels instead of a traditional hotel and they by far make the experience of visiting a place. I love to learn about people, places, and cultures. I can’t get enough of it.

What was one thing you learned while in isolation during COVID? Letting your gray hair come in is cool!

If you could go to Antarctica with anyone, who would it be? I would love to go with my mom and sister.

You can ‘meet’ Filomena when you reach out to our client services team

For assistance and questions in booking your trip to Antarctica, contact Filomena here.