Polar Latitudes knows that your voyage is more than the ship or even the destination, it is the people who bring that experience to life. We are proud to say we attract some of the industry’s best talent, people who genuinely love what they do and work tirelessly to give our guests the best experience they can. Our staff comes from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are professional adventure guides, some expert academics, others passionate educators. All apply their specific skills in a way to compliment each other and collectively deliver truly life-changing trips.

Polar Latitudes is proud to say we have some of the highest staffing standards in the industry. We are one of the few operators that require all operational staff to be certified as crew under the International Maritime Organization’s STCW standards. Furthermore, we are the first polar operator to adopt the Polar Tourism Guides Association (PTGA) guide qualification framework, a world first in training and certifying polar guides in the skills and experience required for our unique industry. When combined with our company culture of learning and training, the STCW and PTGA certification frameworks give us the confidence that all our valued guests will be kept safe and benefit from the best team in the industry.

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