travel deep to the Antarctic Circle

Zodiac cruising deep in Antarctica

Antarctica, a vast and pristine wilderness, has always captivated the adventurous spirits of travelers worldwide. For those seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable journey to the southernmost continent, our ‘Crossing the Circle‘ voyage may just be the voyage for you!

Here are five reasons that will have you itching to book your spot on the Seaventure!

1. We have an 1-A Ice Class Strengthened Ship

One of the most critical aspects of an Antarctic expedition is the vessel that will take you there. You can’t just wander into Antarctica with any old ship, folks. Our ship Seaventure holds the highest ice class rating of 1-A, making it superbly equipped to navigate through icy polar waters. This classification ensures maximum safety and allows passengers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Antarctic landscape with peace of mind.

2. Little Ship, Big Discoveries

Size matters, but in the case of an Antarctica voyage, smaller is better! Our nimble ship can weave through top-secret passageways that larger vessels can only dream of. Because of its ice-class rating, the Seaventure can bring you up close and personal with hidden bays, untouched coves, and quaint little harbors that rarely see visitors. Say goodbye to the well-trodden path and embrace the thrill of exploration!

Antarctic Circle itinerary

The Seaventure can travel further through the Antarctic ice

3. Antarctica’s Exclusive Guest List

Part of Antarctica’s allure stems from its untouched and unspoiled nature, and we understand the importance of preserving this pristine environment. Only a small number of visitors have the opportunity to cross the Antarctica Circle each year, ensuring a more sustainable and responsible approach. By choosing a ‘Crossing the Circle‘ voyage, you become part of an exclusive group of adventurers to visit one of the world’s last great frontiers.

4. Special Guests and Speakers Unplugged

We continuously strive to enhance the Antarctic expedition experience, and for our upcoming 2023/24 season, we’ve curated an impressive lineup of special guests and speakers. Imagine having the opportunity to learn from renowned scientists, polar experts, naturalists, even a famed polar explorer! These guests will share their knowledge and passion for Antarctica with captivating presentations and interactive discussions that will add a profound educational aspect to your journey.

5. The Ultimate Party Bash

Think you’ve been to cool parties before? Well, you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced our ‘Crossing the Circle’ party. The onboard crew knows how to celebrate this momentous occasion, and we throw an unforgettable event featuring an interactive show, some fun traditions, and a toast to your accomplishment of crossing this significant latitude.

So there you have it, these are just some of the reasons why our Crossing the Circle voyage is a must-do for the wanderlusters among us. Are you ready to embrace the chill and dive into an expedition like no other? Trust us; Antarctica will leave you awe-struck, and we’ll make sure you have a memorable experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Antarctic Circle party

Our Antarctic Circle traditional party is always a fun time!

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