Immersive Photography with Ami Vitale

A Rare Falklands, S Georgia & Antarctica Voyage, November 1–21, 2024

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Ami Vitale on Location

I am absolutely thrilled to embark on the upcoming photo expedition to the mesmerizing landscapes of the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica, with the exceptional team of Polar Latitudes. The prospect of capturing the raw beauty and pristine wilderness of these remote regions fills me with a sense of awe and anticipation.

This journey is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the untouched wonders of the Southern Hemisphere and I know it will be an opportunity to connect this group of adventurous travelers to the delicate balance of nature.

- Ami Vitale

An extraordinary opportunity for avid photographers

Join us for this Immersive Photography Program featuring Ami Vitale as we voyage into the last wild place on earth, guided by one of the most celebrated and important photographers of our time.

The sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia are home to some of the most unique and abundant wildlife on earth. With beaches covered in fur seals, elephant seals, and hundreds of thousands of penguins, it’s one of the most jaw-dropping nature scenes you will ever experience.

In this program, you’ll learn how see beyond the typical “penguin shot,” to tell your own unique Antarctica story, through the fascinating day to day sights and experiences you’ll capture throughout this rich and inspiring environment. Hone your overall photography skill set over 20 days of personalized guidance and critique in a small group setting. The goal of this low-pressure course is to take great pictures, become better photographers, and have some fun along the way.

Voyage Dates

21 Days / 18 Nights On Board – Ushuaia to Ushuaia

Arrive Board Disembark
Nov 1, 2024 Nov 3, 2024 Nov 21, 2024

About Ami Vitale

Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer, writer, speaker, and documentary filmmaker, Ami Vitale has been called one of the most influential photographers of her generation. Over three decades, her work has unraveled the intricate connections between war and the environmental crisis. Her iconic images and stories portray the interdependence of humanity and the planet's well-being.

As the founder and executive director of Vital Impacts, Ami is helping to foster a global network of environmental storytellers, employing art and advocacy to inspire the next wave of planetary change-makers. Recognized as one of InStyle Magazine's 50 Badass Women. Ami's contributions extend beyond accolades, demonstrating a commitment to unveiling the symbiotic relationship between people and the Earth.

🎬 Video: How to Photograph Hope | Ami Vitale | Storytellers Summit 2019

Ami Vitale on Location

Ami Vitale on Location

Photo by Ami Vitale

© Ami Vitale

Photo by Ami Vitale

© Ami Vitale

Photo by Ami Vitale

© Ami Vitale

Photography in Antarctica

Bring Your Passion...
and Whatever Camera You Have

There’s a time-honored saying: The best camera is the one you have with you. And that’s as true in Antarctica as it is anywhere.

If you’ve got a camera, whether that be the most advanced SLR set-up or simply the one in your pocket, and you have a desire to raise your photography game alongside one of the most accomplished photojournalists working today, then you have much to gain from this unique photographic journey.

Zodiac in front of a uniquely shaped iceberg

What to Expect

As we travel through some of the most pristine, wild, and inspiring places on earth, you will:

  • Hear from Ami as she recounts some of her fascinating and important experiences advocating – through photography, film, writing, speaking opportunities, and Vital Impacts – for our fragile global environment and those who inhabit it.
  • Join your fellow photographers, led by Ami, on immersive photo expeditions throughout our journey. Receive invaluable guidance as you capture the breathtaking sights all around you
  • Have an opportunity to participate in a series of personalized photo reviews during which Ami will offer constructive feedback on images you are capturing throughout the journey.
  • Learn how you can join Ami’s global network of environmental storytellers, employing art and advocacy to inspire the next wave of planetary change-makers.
PL Guests taking photos

I'm in! How do I sign up?

The Immersive Photography Program featuring Ami Vitale is available to all guests on our November 1, 2024 Falklands, S Georgia & Antarctica voyage. There is no additional charge for the program.

Due to anticipated demand, some small-group features of the program, such as personalized photo reviews, may be offered on a first-come-first-served basis, with sign-up required.


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Itinerary Overview

  • Day 1: Arrival
  • Day 2: Ushuaia
  • Day 3: Embarkation
  • Day 4: Southern Ocean
  • Day 5: West Falklands (Malvinas)
  • Day 6: Stanley, East Falkland (Malvinas)
  • Day 7-8: Southern Ocean
  • Day 9-12: South Georgia
  • Day 13-14: Scotia Sea
  • Day 15-18: Antarctic Peninsula
  • Day 19-20: Drake Passage
  • Day 21: Disembarkation

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Polar Latitudes FSG Route Map
Polar Latitudes FSG Route Map

Day 1, Arrive in Ushuaia

No need to stress about missed connections or flight delays as you arrive in the southernmost city in the world with an extra day to unwind and enjoy Ushuaia’s finest luxury hotel, the Arakur Resort & Spa. Relax in the infinity pool, explore the hiking trails surrounding the resort, or head out and discover the southernmost city in the world.

Day 2, Explore Ushuaia

Explore the sights of Ushuaia, visit the museums and Argentinean leather markets, or continue relaxing at the hotel. Our evening briefing at the Arakur is your opportunity to ask questions and meet some of your fellow explorers.

Day 3, All Aboard Seaventure!

Spend your morning relaxing at the hotel, visiting a museum, or exploring the shops in Ushuaia, before our mid-afternoon escort to the ship. Our Expedition Team and ship staff will welcome you on board and get you settled in, followed by a safety and orientation briefing and our Captain’s welcome dinner. We’re on our way to Antarctica!

Day 4, Southern Ocean

As we sail south, important briefings on environmental regulations and expedition safety are held, and you won’t want to miss our scientific and environmental experts as they begin their deeply knowledgeable, and always entertaining talks about the wildlife, history, and geology of the areas we will soon be exploring.

Day 5, West Falklands/Malvinas

We’ll be exploring some of the westernmost settled outposts in the Falklands/Malvinas, a remote South Atlantic archipelago renowned for its rugged terrain and cliff-lined coast. As we stretch our legs along the farmland and beaches, we’ll have an opportunity to visit Albatross and penguin colonies. Look for Rockhopper, King and Magellanic penguin rookeries.

Day 6, Stanley, East Falklands/Malvinas

The archipelago’s largest island, Stanley, is a lively hub of activity nestled in a sheltered harbor. Here, the Falklands Islands Museum has fascinating exhibits devoted to maritime exploration, natural history, and the 1982 Falklands War. We’ll likely visit Gypsy Cove, part of Cape Pembroke peninsula, a National Nature Preserve. Magellanic penguins, also known as Jackass penguins for the braying sound they make, breed here, nesting in underground burrows. Other native bird species include Black-Crowned Night herons, Long-Tailed meadowlarks, Two-Banded plovers, and Upland and Kelp geese. Nearby Ordinance Point is the final resting place for several World War II guns.

Days 7-8, Southern Ocean

Things continue ramping up with plenty of birdlife sightings as we make our way east across the Antarctic Convergence and officially enter Antarctic waters. See if you can identify the world’s largest bird, the Wandering albatross. From soaring giants like the Southern Giant petrel to the tiny Wilson’s Storm petrel, a range of impressive bird species will be hitching a ride on the updrafts created by ocean swells and waves. And be on the lookout for whale blows and our very first iceberg sighting.

Days 9-12, South Georgia

South Georgia is often referred to as the ‘Serengeti of the Southern Ocean’ and it’s easy to see why as you take in tens of millions (not a typo!) of breeding penguins, seals, and seabirds. Breathtaking mountain scenery, majestically sculpted icebergs, glaciers in every direction, and a rich historical tapestry are all here to complement the incredible array of wildlife on view as we travel down South Georgia's leeward coast. We’ll also visit the historic Grytviken whaling station, featuring the tiny graveyard where the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried.

Days 13-14, Scotia Sea

Heading farther south, we’ll continue our informative presentations and wildlife spotting as the icebergs become bigger and more plentiful.

Days 15-18, Antarctic Peninsula

Here we’ll explore any number of picturesque bays and famed harbors, maneuvering through iceberg rich channels as we travel alongside an array of wildlife. There are opportunities to stop at several active scientific bases and historic landing sites as we take in the wide range of penguin species, seals, and whales along the rugged coastlines and in the sea.

Days 19-20, Drake Passage

We leave this magical place and make our way north, once again crossing the legendary Drake Passage. We have one last hurrah as we celebrate the conclusion of our expedition with a special slideshow and a final meal together.

Day 21, Ushuaia Disembarkation

With huge smiles on weary, content faces, we disembark in the morning, letting you catch a flight to Buenos Aires or stay in Ushuaia for more sights and adventure.

Triple Porthole Window Veranda Owner's Suite
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Seaventure features a 1-A Super ice class rating — the highest ice class awarded to passenger vessels. The ship offers all outside-facing staterooms (some with balconies) and beautifully appointed dining areas, as well as al fresco dining on the Lido deck when weather permits.

Seaventure also offers a sauna and fitness center and a dedicated Citizen Science lab.

Dining Room


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Fitness Center

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All Voyages Include:

  • Two Hotel Nights
  • Certified Emergency MD and Clinic
  • World Class Cuisine and Live Entertainment
  • Complimentary Coffee/Tea station
  • Voyage Photographer
  • Dedicated Passenger Service Manager
  • Complimentary Expedition Jacket

Ship Facilities:

  • Two Elevators serving all passenger decks
  • Fitness Center and Sauna
  • Citizen Science Laboratory

All Staterooms Feature:

  • Exterior views
  • Sitting area with chairs or sofa and table
  • Complimentary Mini-Bar
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Telephone
  • Safe to store your valuables
  • Independent temperature controls
  • Luxury toiletries
  • Hair dryer

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