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Doing the Polar Plunge in Antarctica

Let’s get straight to the big question. Why on earth would anyone go swimming in Antarctica?! It sounds like a crazy thing to do, but there’s actually a number of reasons why hurling oneself into the freezing cold waters of the Southern Ocean is one of our top...

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Solo Travel in Antarctica

Travel isn’t something usually done alone, but when it is, it is oftentimes the most rewarding experience. Polar travel is no different, in fact, polar travel is perfectly suited for solo travel. Here are a few reasons why we think traveling to Antarctica on your own...

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Misunderstanding Antarctica: Myths of the 7th Continent

There are many myths that swirl around about Antarctica. It is, after all, one of the most seldom visited places on earth. Due in part to its particularly hard to reach location at the ends of the earth, the expense and effort it takes to get there, its reputation for...

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