taking in the Antarctic views from the deck of the Seaventure

2023 was a fantastic year, filled with wonderful highlights (beyond all the magical wildlife encounters and scenery in Antarctica, of course). Let’s take a quick look at some of our proudest moments and look ahead to all the special moments we anticipate in 2024.

  • We kicked off 2023 with a special voyage, retracing Sir Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps. ‘Shackleton’s Quest’ featured an incredible roster of guests, including polar experts, historians (both on staff and as guests), authors, writers, and even relatives of famous explorers—such as the Boss’s grandson, Patrick. Rear Admiral Nick Lambert and many others also joined us. A special reception included guests like Mensun Bound, who discovered the Endurance wreck, and the Governor of the Falkland Islands.
  • In addition to our memorable journey, we proudly launched a fabulous new website (you’re on it now—take a look around!).
  • Excitingly, we confirmed a new partnership with Oceanites, incorporating their penguin counting team on many voyages throughout our 23/24 season and beyond.
  • Our new itinerary, ‘Antarctica Untouched,’ was introduced, offering a fresh perspective on exploration.
  • The launch of our new Kayaking Program included two distinct programs catering to kayakers with different levels of interest.
  • We proudly became members of the Expedition Cruise Network, newly launched in 2023.
  • Through our onboard auctions, we raised tens of thousands of dollars for our charitable partners.
  • As founding members and principal partners of The Polar Science Collective, we’re contributing to cutting-edge research in polar science.
  • A highlight was our fun and informative ship visit with partners and agents in Amsterdam, where we stayed on the MS Seaventure in dry dock.
  • Our Marketing team convened in Boston for a collaborative and productive gathering, dreaming up a slew of creative ideas—many of which are already in play!
  • We’ve rekindled our relationship with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, making plans to bring them back on the ship to further their research.
  • We engaged in wonderful collaborations with travel bloggers and videographers such as Counting Countries, Next Meridian Expeditions, and Intriper.
The Seaventure in Antarctica

As we look to 2024, we eagerly anticipate all our voyages, including some very special ones. We will continue to grow as leaders in the industry, delivering our own special brand of boutique luxury experiences for people who want a more immersive Antarctic journey.

  • In February 2024, we’ll be ‘Crossing the Circle’ with explorer John Shears and other special guests.
  • The season finale will feature our first repositioning cruise, ‘South Atlantic Explorer’ departing to bring guests through the Falkland Islands and South Georgia before crossing the Southern Atlantic to visit remote islands, concluding in West Africa.
  • We’re kicking off our next season earlier than ever before with our ‘Antarctica Untouched’ itinerary and finally launching our ‘Antarctica All-Access’ itinerary.
  • Our commitment to implementing new protocols and actions onboard that support responsible travel and exploration continues.
  • The Citizen Science program and our new Science Lab are experiencing exponential growth, delivering critical assistance to climate and conservation research, playing a tangible role in shaping a positive future.
  • Several more collaborators will be joining us on voyages, along with film crews capturing important footage that will surely inspire, engage, and educate their viewers.
  • The entire Polar Latitudes family will be getting together this Spring—having almost as much fun dreaming up new adventures and team building as we do on our trips to Antarctica!

We hope to see you on board in 2024!

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