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Crossing the Antarctic Circle is a historic rite of passage that not many can claim to have accomplished. Being part of such an expedition is a special experience, both in terms of its significance and the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Antarctic landscapes, wildlife, and history.For the February 29 2024 departure of our ‘Crossing The Circle’ itinerary, we are thrilled to announce a very special guest who will be joining us: Dr. John Shears, renowned Expedition Leader and Chairman of the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI).

You might wonder what makes Dr. Shears ‘famous.’ Well, he led the Endurance 22 mission, a ground-breaking expedition that made polar history by discovering Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary shipEndurance, at the bottom of the Weddell Sea on March 5th, 2022—exactly 100 years after it sank. Dr Shears is a polar geographer and environmental scientist with over 30 years’ experience of working in both the Arctic and Antarctica. He is also the recipient of the Polar Medal from Her Majesty the Queen for outstanding achievement and service in the field of polar research. Dr. John Shears will be a featured speaker on our ‘Crossing the Circle‘ voyage in February 2024, and whether you are an Antarctic history enthusiast or not, his presentations on discovery the Endurance will undoubtedly captivate you.

Accompanying Dr. Shears on this remarkable journey will be our seasoned expedition team, as well as a carefully selected group of unique speakers, highly experienced scientists, and explorers hand-picked by Friends of SPRI to enhance the overall experience. With a team of this caliber, this voyage to the White Continent will truly be extraordinary.

Additionally, our ship the Seaventure features an 1-A ice class rating– the highest of its kind – which means we’ll be able to travel deeper into Antarctic waters than most. The ship is capable of safely bringing us into remote and seemingly hidden locations, picturesque bays and harbors that are normally tucked away from reach of other vessels.

When guests are not busy exploring the Antarctic Peninsula by Zodiac or on land, the Seaventure will serve as a comfortable home base. Here you’ll enjoy educational lectures, participate in Citizen Science activities in our one-of-a-kind onboard laboratory, or simply unwind and recharge. If crossing the Antarctic Circle is on your bucket list, rest assured this is the voyage for you.

Also featured on this voyage:

Professor Julian Dowdswell: Polar Medal recipient, former Director of SPRI, notable Glaciology expert

Falcon Scott: Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s grandson. Polar Latitudes Historian and onboard lecturer in polar history

Darrel Day: Modern day explorer and leader of over 70 Antarctic expeditions

Dafila Scott: Award-winning Artist, featured art workshop leader

Celene Pickard: Executive Secretary of Friends of SPRI, polar advocate, Royal Geographical Society Fellow

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