Blog: Antarctica Excursions & Sites

Landing Spotlight – Port Charcot

PORT CHARCOTA fantastic spot for viewing the ‘iceberg graveyard’, Port Charcot is a bay we visit on the north-western arm of Booth Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. If we are able to make landfall in Port Charcot, we Zodiac to the rocky shore, then hike up the gentle...

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Antarctic Sites- Lemaire Channel

Lemaire ChannelThe Lemaire Channel is a wonderfully calm and stunning waterway that, if we are fortunate enough to pass through it, offers some of the most fantastic views and incredible wildlife sightings on the peninsula. The area has rightfully earned the nickname...

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Antarctic Sites – Cierva Cove

CIERVA CoveCierva Cove is a stunning cove that lays 6 nautical miles southeast of Cape Sterneck in Hughes Bay, along the west coast of Graham Land, Antarctica. It is named after Juan de la Cierva, a Spanish pilot, engineer, and inventor.  Cierva Cove is located in a...

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