Counting penguins in Antarctica

Neko Harbour is located on the Eastern shore of Andvord Bay and is considered a continental landing as it is part of the Antarctic Peninsula. Discovered around 1897 by Adrien de Garlache during his Belgian expedition, it is named after the Norwegian whaling ship ‘Neko’ that was often found in the bay.

Neko Harbour is a popular spot to visit due to wildlife spotting and the striking scenery. Here we generally see plenty of Gentoo penguins who go there to breed, as well as Leopard Seals, Weddell Seals, Minke Whales, Kelp Gulls and Skuas.

The massive glacier located at Neko Harbour can sometimes be seen calving into the sea, with huge slabs of ice that thunderously splash into the water below. The impressive ice walls create a feeling of awe. Here we don’t linger on the beach due to potentially hazardous waves. Instead, we hike up the hill above the harbour to enjoy the panoramic views. We recommend taking a quiet moment or two up there, drinking it all in and revelling in the wonder that is this magical place.

Here are some of the highlights of a visit to Neko Harbour:

  • Hike up from the shore and take in the stunning views
  • View the Gentoo colony
  • Spot Kelp Gulls, Skuas and other birdlife
  • Look out for Weddell Seals, Fur Seals and Leopard Seals hauled out on the beach or on sea ice
  • Check out the ex-Argentinian refuge hut
  • Have a fun photoshoot posing at the top of the hill

With incredible views and wildlife spotting opportunities, Neko Harbour is a remarkable landing site and often one that we can accomplish on our voyages.

Interested in visiting Neko Harbour

Please speak with our team. Once you are onboard, your Expedition Leader will work with the crew and if weather and planning allow, you may be lucky enough to visit this incredible location.