Blog: Excursions

Landing Spotlight: Port Lockroy

Port LockroyPort Lockroy is located in a bay on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island just off the Antarctic Peninsula. It is Antarctica’s single most visited landing site, and rightly so with its famous post office and fascinating history. A former British base...

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Landing Spotlight: Elephant Island

ELEPHANT ISLANDOne of our most popular landings is Elephant Island. From above, this spectacular place looks almost to be the shape of an elephant head and trunk. It is also home to the hundreds of elephant seals that make their home there. Located just 150 miles off...

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Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

When you’re on an expedition cruise with us to Antarctica, you will be immersed in this spectacular landscape in many different ways. First, as we venture through the waterways on our comfortable and ice-strengthened ship you’ll be able to witness Antarctica’s...

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