The mighty tale of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men is one you will often hear about when learning about the polar regions. It doesn’t matter if you are new to learning about polar exploration or if it’s something you’ve been fascinated by for years, there is a name you will come across time and again and that name is Ernest Shackleton.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the life and passing of Sir Ernest Shackleton, and in this, the year his lost ship Endurance was miraculously found, we are embarking on an immersive journey unlike any that has come before or will ever come again.

Counting penguins in Antarctica

Here are 10 Reasons To Follow In Shackleton’s Footsteps on an Antarctic cruise with us this season.

1. More Time to Discover

We’ve decided to design a rarely offered twenty-two-day itinerary for this cruise to Antarctica via the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and South Georgia. This will give us ample time for an extraordinary exploration of the life and legacy of the man widely acknowledged as Antarctica’s greatest explorer.

2. Reception in Stanley

We will spend some time visiting Stanley in East Falklands (Malvinas) where you’re free to explore. Here we’ll host a reception on board for the Governor of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Ms. Alison Blake CMG.

Falkland Islands

3. Visit Point Wild

You’ll count yourself among the very few to visit Point Wild on Elephant Island, where the crew of the Endurance miraculously survived for four-and-a-half months.

4. A Land Like No Other 

You’ll enter the rarely seen King Haaken Bay, where Shackleton and the James Caird finally reached land after their death-defying open water journey in search of rescue.

5. Walk in Shackleton’s footsteps 

The last steps of Shackleton’s desperate search for help carried him from Fortuna Bay to Stromness Bay. There is an optional hike that will follow those same final steps, with a chance to imagine what it was like to look upon the first sign of civilization and hope after 497 days. 

A visit to Shackleton's grave

6. Poignant Moments 

There will be a celebratory gathering in the South Georgian town of Grytviken, including a unique service at the Whaler’s Church. You’ll enjoy music arranged especially for the occasion, and hear readings chosen by descendants of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

7. A Toast to ‘The Boss’

After the ceremony, everyone will take the short walk to Shackleton’s historic gravestone to raise a glass in honor of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

8. Sea and Sights

There will be many opportunities to set your sights on wildlife and seabirds, staying on the lookout for whales, as we make our way across the Antarctic Convergence. Shipboard presentations by our on board experts will continue to inspire and amaze you.

A visit to Shackleton's grave

9. Explore the Southern Ocean

We will officially enter Antarctic waters where there will be opportunities to hop into Zodiac boats and spend as much time as possible intimately exploring the many bays and harbors.

10. Special Guests

We’ve saved the best for last, for once you are on board, you’ll hear from an impressive roster of renowned Shackleton historians and biographical writers, the Chairman of the James Caird Society, and even the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, granddaughter of The Boss himself.

Special Guests include:

Hon. Alexandra Shackleton: The granddaughter of Ernest Shackleton and President of The James Caird Society

Rear Admiral Nick Lambert: Former Chair of the Friends of SPRI and current Chairman of the James Caird Society, as well as a Master Mariner, he commanded the ice patrol ship HMS ENDURANCE in Antarctica

Ms. Alison Blake CMG: We will be hosting a reception on board while we are docked in Stanley for the Governor of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas).

Seb CoulthardSeb is one of our staff Historians, and was part of the ‘Shackleton Epic’ team, which became the first expedition in history to faithfully recreate Sir Ernest Shackleton’s small boat voyage across the Southern Ocean – with precisely the same equipment and clothing as Shackleton himself. 

Caro Mantella : Caro has sailed the most extreme Polar Regions and is a renowned expedition guide.

Angie Butler: The author of “Ice Tracks – Today’s Heroic Age of Polar Adventure” and “The Quest for Frank Wild.”

Brad Borkan, FRGS: Author of “When Your Life Depends on It” and “Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results,” which explore the lives and lessons of courageous decision-makers.  

Anne Straithie: Writer, researcher, and author of several deeply researched polar books.

Helen Brown: Daughter of Frank Brown, who served as Whaling Inspector at Leith Harbor Whaling station in the 1960s.

Anthony Shields: Owner, Shields Stamps and Coins. He’s an avid collector of all things Antarctic and will share some of his most prized memorabilia.

Susan Rose: Artist, designer, and founder of Susan Rose China, who will unveil a special range of china honoring Shackleton’s Final Quest.

Shackleton’s Quest promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which seems only right, since there will never again be an explorer like Sir Ernest Shackleton, in this lifetime or any other.

Come with us on this journey into the life, legacy and unparalleled polar experience of Antarctica’s greatest explorer.

Please contact our team to learn more or to book your spot. We hope to see you on board!