Curious what people who have been to Antarctica have to say about it?

Having the opportunity to visit Antarctica on one of our voyages is a special and unique travel experience. As one of the most remote places in the world that you can visit, in the past it had proven to be an exclusive and expensive destination. Now that it is more attainable, expeditions are gaining in popularity. Even so, if you’ve traveled to Antarctica you can consider yourself one of the lucky few.

We asked our past guests, “If you’ve been to Antarctica, what is the one thing you wish people knew about it?”. Here’s what they said.

Counting penguins in Antarctica

Linda: No one has ever regretted the decision to go there.

Bev: It’s about as cold as being in the Northeast United States during the winter when you visit, so it’s worth the trip!

TracyPack less heavy winter gear cause it’s only about as cold as the North East in winter time. We regretted bringing so much winter gear because then we had to trek it around in summertime Argentina temperatures for the next several weeks.

Mariela: It’s humbling, be ready to feel the power of nature, to feel tiny, but at the same time how much we can do to protect this place. Take your camera with you, but know that images won’t tell half of what you experienced, saw, heard, smelled, in Antarctica. It’s my favorite place in the world, and I can’t wait to go back!

Meshall: It will change your life. Whilst you are there and after you return. The privilege to trespass can never be replicated.

Tracy: Book the longer trip that goes to South Georgia. No matter how long you there, it will go by in a blink of an eye and you’ll wish you had more time in this magical place.

Tracey: South Georgia makes you feel like David Attenborough!

Janet: It’s awe inspiring. Words cannot really describe its beauty.

Glenda: It is so beautiful. Remote, peaceful.

Jacqueline: Its incredible beauty and then the wildlife…..the last great wilderness.

Mary: It is not like anywhere else. Breathtaking and magical. And NOT too cold to enjoy. There is no way to anticipate the unique beauty. It must be experienced.

Michelle: Most AMAZING place to visit on Earth. All inspiring. Loved every minute of it…. even the “Drake shake”

Tracey: It’s harsh and rugged but it supports wildlife in numbers that are simply astonishing. Standing in the middle of a colony of over 200,000 King Penguins will stay with you for life, as will zodiac encounters with orcas, minkes and humpbacks. The last untamed wildness – to be protected at all costs

Kristy: Incredibly beautiful, extraordinary. One of a kind place. Best trip of all time.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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