Scientists tagging whales in Antarctica
Woohoo, you’re almost there, that much closer to leaving on your dream Antarctic cruise! Just a few more things to address before your big journey to the world’s furthest reaches. So, let’s talk dialects and ‘dinero’. Where you’re headed there are other languages spoken and other currency used. Don’t worry, it’s easier to handle than you think. Read on.


In most areas of Argentina, Antarctica, and on board our ships, English is spoken. It may be wise to brush up on some basic Spanish, as this is the most common language spoken in Argentina. Google Translate is always helpful in a pinch, but it’s good to nail down a few common Spanish terms to use while you’re in transit. Once you are on board, English is the main language spoken.


We recommend you carry a small amount of cash, local and US or Euro, to cover taxis and other incidentals which may not be payable by credit card. The currencies we suggest bringing on your trip are the US dollar as well as the Argentinian Peso. Be sure to have all the USD you will need before you arrive in Ushuaia, as the bank machines can sometimes run out of currency. Travel is always an adventure!

If the Falkland Islands is on your itinerary, you may want to bring Pound Sterling, as the Falklands are a British Overseas Territory.

Though there is no currency for Antarctica itself, you’d be surprised where you might find yourself needing funds at the bottom of the earth. There’s nothing like a beer at the world’s southernmost bar or mailing a postcard home from Antarctica. If you are lucky enough to find yourself visiting these fantastic places, you can typically pay using US dollars, Euro, or Pound Sterling, with Visa and Mastercard also accepted.

All shipboard charges will be charged to your onboard account. At the end of your voyage, you can pay your tab with cash or credit card; we accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. All prices on board are in US Dollars.


Any tipping is done at your discretion and is entirely optional. Should you choose to tip, the standard amount for recognition of service is USD $12 per person per day. This can be added to your shipboard account and paid by credit card – you do not need to tip in cash. The gratuity is divided among the front-of-house hotel team and cabin and dining room stewards. Other crew members are compensated for gratuities in salary.

The Expedition Team does not solicit gratuities and we encourage passengers to be generous with the hotel team first. If you personally wish to leave a thank you for someone on the team you may do so at reception and the amount is completely at your discretion.

Ticked all these boxes? Then there’s only one thing left to do – HAVE FUN! Any final questions? You can reach out to our team via chat or email or by calling (1) 802-698-8479.

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