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Seaventure cruising into the Lemaire Channell

If you’re wanting to visit Antarctica in all her glory and keen to ensure that you’ll be able to participate in every activity and adventure that we offer, then our newest itinerary ‘Antarctica All-Access’ might be the trip for you.

Here are five great reasons why you should book an Antarctica All-Access trip.

1. Easier Decision Making

We find that often when guests are in the booking process, they are unsure if they want to pay the up-front deposit on adventures like kayaking and camping. They also can second-guess how often they might want to participate in certain activities. We get it, when your departure is far away how will you know what you want to do yet? With the new Antarctica All-Access itinerary all activities are included.

Kayaking in Antarctica

Kayaking in Antarctica. Image: Lisa Lapointe

3. Give Paddling a Shot

With our revamped kayaking program, you can pop into a kayak once to give it a go, or more than once if you’ve fallen for paddling the icy waters of the White Continent. We try to get on the water as often as possible, and there’s no better seat than the one in a kayak, floating just inches above the water.

3. To Camp or Not to Camp?

For some, it may be easier to sign up for our camping experience once your trip has begun. Perhaps camping was something that didn’t appeal to you at home but has now taken on a certain gleam after meeting fellow expeditioners that are enthusiastic about the experience. Perhaps you’d like to wait and see how you feel or what the weather is like. It’s your trip, you can choose to do it your way! We will say- there’s nothing quite like spending a night under the stars in Antarctica. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Photography and Birding

4. Get Intimate with Antarctica

Voyages often try to cover as much ground as possible in the hopes that they will see that much more. While impressive on a map, at the end of the day the most important thing about Antarctica is getting to know it intimately– spending quality time rather than rushing about. On the Antarctica All-Access trip, we put less emphasis on moving the ship around and more focus on exploring deeper. If the weather is fabulous and the wildlife abundant, we may stick around the same area for longer, taking more time to explore a location and the various shorelines and islands nearby.

5. Embrace the Expedition

Kayaking- tick. Camping- tick. Wait, there’s more?! Also on the Antarctica All-Access agenda are our other offerings like Hiking, Snowshoeing, Citizen Science, Photography Workshops, Educational Seminars, and Birding – as much as you can handle!

Leaping to book your Antarctica trip is a big step. If you find advanced decision-making challenging, reach out to our team and we can chat with you about your options. Sometimes the best option is fewer decisions but plenty of opportunity – and the Antarctica All-Access itinerary is just that!

Interested in booking a voyage to Antarctica with us?

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